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For the linguistically inclined, can also teach you a near-infinite number of Danish terms of abuse (Den store danske sk├Žldsordbog). Note: Danish language only.
2011-08-22 made up this fictional heavy metal album

Dungeon Of Destiny: Deceit And Destruction

  1. Crude Manifestation Of Strength
  2. Between Solace And Suffering
  3. Swimming In An Avalanche Of Fear
  4. Cruel Cult
  5. I, Asmodeus
  6. Cancel All Elation
  7. Lying Child
  8. Church Of The Abysmal Phantom
  9. Harvester Of The Apocalypse - Never-ending metallic mayhem is all about paying tribute to a long history of the best of heavy metal rock music, and what tribute could be better than imitation with a pinch of parody?
Hence, the infernal construction that is The Metallizer - the mother of all heavy metal name generators
Behold the fictional creations of The Metallizer: a never-ending torrent of randomly generated metallic mayhem inspired by the names and songs of awesome heavy metal bands from all times and sub-genres. You will know which, when you recognize their influence on the albums generated above.

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