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  1. Welcome to the never-ending metallic mayhem that is Metallizer.dk - the mother of all Random Heavy Metal Album Generators.
  2. Metallizer.dk is pronounced metallizer dot decay.
  3. Click the Generate New Album botton to generate a random album. It is good clean family entertainment you can trust! (Or maybe it's the work of the devil - I keep forgetting)
  4. Check out the easy-to-install Random Metal Widget for your blog or website.
  5. If you're looking for a name for your band or album, feel free to use a random metal name suggested by The Metallizer - or be inspired by the random metal song titles to compose an Ode To Doom! (or even a short story or a novel if that is your inclination). If you do, let me know, so I can link to you from metallizer.dk
    Beware that some names may already be taken! :)
  6. The infernal construction of The Metallizer is the painful labor of dark love by me, the perpetrator of this site. If you want to make a suggestion or just tell me a word or prototypical heavy metal title that the Metallizer should be taught, or whatever, then you can simply drop it in the "Suggest something" box to the left.
  7. The ill color scheme is symbolic, of course:
    • The Black Band of Mourning dominates the top,
    • The Sick Decay Of The #DED lurks in the background,
    • The #B1000D Of My Victims is spattered here and there.
  8. Deep thanks go to the many extraordinary photographers and Masters of Photoshop on flickr who have chosen to license their work under a Creative Commons license or otherwise allowed me to display their work. You will see their masterpieces as album art for the albums generated. Do not use their art without their permission. Click the album art to go its flickr page, or hover the mouse over the image to see the credits.
    If you see a piece that sucks, rate it Lame!. If it rocks, rate it Awesome!. I will compile the votes at intervals and present the top results. If something is voted really lame, it wil be taken out of rotation.
  9. The Metallizer can randomly generate an infinity of metal bands, album, and song titles - or at least so close to infinity that infinity can be seen on a clear day.
    Calculating the exact number would be an easy but pointless exercise, since quantity does not necessarily imply quality or even variety. However, to give some idea of scope: the vocabulary is more than 1500 word forms divided into about 100 classes, which can be combined, mangled, and manipulated by a grammar of about 150 productions.
  10. The Metallizer also has an Xml/Json Http Request interface that you can access if you are an extremely technical metalhead.
  11. Stay Doomed...

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