Heavy Metal Name Generators

  1. Metallizer - Random Heavy Metal Album Generator
    You are here! Metallizer.dk generates random metal band names, album names, and song names - a complete album, including cover art.
    Generate a random album now or seek out random metallic mayhem at Metallizer.dk's competitors:
  2. Metal Band Name Generator
    Has a "non-evil" mode for extra hilarity and silliness, as well as band logos created by visitors. Simplistic yet effective.
  3. The Great And Powerful Song Generator
    Very, very random, but quite advanced metal title generator.
  4. Unholy Hateful Black Metal songtitle-O-matic
    Generates song titles that are distinctly black. Generate a string of titles and you will have an unholy oracular prophecy, whose hidden meaning is just an interpretation away.
  5. Power Metal Album Generator
    Power metal - a heroic subgenre which the Power Metal Album Generator has in abundance. Complete with bonus tracks and multi-movement epic opuses.
  6. Metal Name Generator
    Here you can render the generated metal names in a suitably "metal" font on a choice of backgrounds. There is limited variety in the names (often there is a certain Cluedo flavor, like murdered by the preacher in the paranoia chamber), but there are some good ideas.
  7. Death Metal Generator
    Generates whole albums with a death metal flavor. Sometimes the song titles are truly gibberish or silly, sometimes you can successfully shift your mind into Death Metal Gear to appreciate them.
  8. Band Name Generator
    Does other genres, too. Similar to the "Metal Band Name Generator" above, but the generated names are of lesser quality.
  9. Heavy Metal Songtitle Generator Version 2.666
    Insidiöus Törment's generator. Limited vocabulary and variety, but check out the band :)

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