1. A programming interface to the Metallizer's metal generator algorithm is available for pesonal use.
    There are 2 variants of the data feed, differing only in the data format: XML and JSON.
  2. The API is very simple: simply request a certain URL to generate a response with data about a random metal album. The document contains the randomly generated artist name, album title, and track list of song titles. Its structure should be quite obvious.
  3. To generate a random album, request the following URL for XML:
    and for JSON:
  4. To generate a specific album, specify the album's catalog id (eg. DOOM13666) like this for XML:
    and for JSON:
  5. You can use a catalog id from a previously generated album's <catalog-id> element, or you can supply your own. The required format is /[A-Z]{3,4}\d{2,8}/ but only the digits currently have any significance.
  6. If you use it, give credit to and link to
  7. 1000 requests per day should be enough to quell anyone's desire for random music, and is the maximum for any entity using the API. If you need more than that, contact me.
  8. This service may cause Armageddon, may damn your eternal soul to Hell, and/or may self-destruct without warning.

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